The Church At The Beginning

  The Church at the beginning had a standard of authority. The apostles' doctrine was an approved message and their word was accepted as God's word. They were instructed to teach disciples to observe all things. Early disciples "continued steadfastly" in the doctrine of the apostles. For us to do the same today requires us to spend time in study.

  The Church at the beginning also had a oneness of fellowship. Fellowship is sharing together, joint participation and association. This is based on fellowship with God. We share the same body, Spirit, hope, Lord, Faith, baptism and God. We are united together in one accord.

  The Church in the beginning worshiped God. They worshiped in breaking bread, prayers, fellowship (contribution) and  praising God.

  The Church in the beginning had influence on the community. We read where fear came upon every soul. They had favor with all the people. They were respected and admired by those who saw what they heard.

  The Church at the beginning took care of the brethren. They "divided to all who had need". They sold their possessions and had "all things common".

  The church at the beginning had a regularity of service. They performed acts of service daily for God and others. They had daily evangelism and growth. 

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