People At The Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Christ - part 2

The Jewish Leaders:
    - The leaders sought to have Jesus killed because of envy.
    - They were cruel.
    - Showed their hypocrisy.
    - Manifested a hard heart as Jesus hung on the cross.
    - Demonstrate how religion without true devotion to God is of no value.
    - An adulterous man.
    - Similar to some who "enjoy religion" but make no commitment to God.
    - Found no guilt in Jesus, but couldn't resist mocking Him.
    - Forever associated with cowardice. 
    - Pronounced Jesus innocent, but decided to scourge him. 
    - Agreed to crucify Him.
    - Thought he could relieve himself of responsibility. 

Two Robbers:
    - They were crucified with Jesus.
    - Both railed on Jesus.
    - Something caused one to change.
    - Bring up the question of necessity of baptism.
    - Demonstrate how the hardest of hearts can sometimes be touched. 
    - Offer encouragement to many. 

The Women:
    - Several women watched.
    - Some returned on the third day to complete the burial process.
    - Had ministered in Galilee and continued to do so. 
    - They would do what they could.

Joseph and Nicodemus:
    - Went to work after the death of Jesus.
    - Will we be filled with regret?
    - Do what needs to be done and do it now. 

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