Shadows and Images

SHADOW:                                                                     THE VERY IMAGE:
EGYPT - type of sin.                                                    WORLD - type of sin
PHARAOH - type of the devil.                                   DEVIL - himself
MOSES - deliverer.                                                      CHRIST - deliverer
AARON - Moses' spokesman                                     APOSTLES - Christ's spokesmen 

Four compromises of Pharaoh:
    1. "Sacrifice to your God in the land (Egypt)."
    2. "I will let you go…only you shall not go very far away."
    3. Leave the women and children behind.
    4. Leave the flocks and herds behind.

Four compromises of the devil:
    1. Baptism is not necessary for the forgiveness of sins. The water does not save. 
    2. You can be just as good a Christian and stay at home. The church doesn't save. 
    3. Don't get involved in the church any more than you have to.
    4. Only attend services if it's convenient and there's nothing else to do. 

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