Settled In Complacency

Series: Donnie Rader Meeting - June 2021

Zephaniah 1:12
The Phrase…
    - Other translations refer to the settling of "dregs" or "lees". 
    - Refers to the fermentation process of wine.
    - The point: they are indifferent, spiritually stagnant, satisfied, comfortable in their present condition. 
    - God's people are often warned about complacency. (Prov. 1:32; Isa. 32:9-11; Amos 6:1-6; Lam. 1:12; Isa. 57:1)
The Context…
    - Message of the book: the day of the Lord is coming. 
    - Their complacency: divided loyalty, unconcerned and indifferent, says the Lord will not do good or evil, trust in economy going well, not obeyed - not received correction - not drawn near, know no shame
The Application…
    - Are you comfortable and satisfied?
        ... Even though you are still practicing sin?
        ... Even though you miss a lot of services?
        ... Even though you're lacking in spiritual interest. 
        ... Even though you are consumed with secular interest. 
    - Do you believe it matters how serious you are?
    - Are you inactive?
    - Are you not willing to change?

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