Who We Are

  The following is a brief history of the Church at East Albertville. It was written by Carrol R. Sutton on 6/1/91 and appeared in the bound volume of THE INSTRUCTOR. Although some things have changed, such as the addition of a second wing to the building, our strong desire to be the type of Church that is read about in the New Testament has remained the same. We welcome and encourage you to visit us at any opportunity that you may have. We will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

A Brief History

  It is my understanding that in 1948 (or early in 1949) a few concerned Christians began meeting together in a union hall on First Street in Albertville, Alabama. James and Pauline Pack, Hulon and Zora Ponder, Clarence and Lessie Jackson and Fred and Ellen Doster were among those who began meeting and worshipping together. Prior to this, another group of Christians (including some of those mentioned above) had met together for awhile and had disbanded. After that group disbanded, the church which is now known as the "East Albertville Church of Christ" began.

  During the first few years of its existence, R. F. Kilpatrick, H. C. Geer and Midas Roberts were among those who preached for the church at East Albertville.

  In 1949 property was secured at 1003 Baltimore Avenue (also in the eastern section of Albertville) and a building was erected. J. W. and Rose Hill were among the first ones to be baptized after the building was erected. They were baptized on January 31, 1950. Lee Gunter worked with the congregation from about 1952 (or 1953) until April, 1960. He was the first preacher to be fully supported by the church. This began in August, 1959. Hollis Creel worked with the congregation from 1960 until June, 1963 Carrol Ray Sutton began working with the church in August, 1963 and continues to do so at the present time.

  In the mid 1960's property located at 4777 U.S. Highway 431 was purchased and the building in which the congregation presently meets was built. In 1987 a "wing" was added to the building because additional space was needed.

  In the mid or latter 1950's the church preached the gospel over WAVU, a local radio station. In 1960 the church began a fifteen minute radio program five days a week over WBSA, a local radio station in Boaz, Alabama. It was soon expanded to a daily program, with a thirty-minute program on the Lord's Day. This program continues to be broadcast over WBSA. For about twenty years or so a weekly article has been published in the Sand Mountain Reporter, a local newspaper. "The Instructor," a monthly bulletin, published by the congregation, is in its 28th year. It goes into most of the states of the U.S. and into a few foreign countries. Presently, it has a circulation of about 5,000.

  The attendance on the Lord's Day usually runs about 115 to 120. Over the last 20 years or so, three area congregations were started primarily by disciples from "East Albertville" who were interested in beginning new works.

  Five public debates have been conducted in Albertville over the last 26 years. Two of the debates were with Albert Batts and E. J. Reynolds of the "Church of God denomination," one was with Albert Johnson, the "pastor" of the "First Baptist Church" in Crossville and two were with Jack Frost of "The End Time Society of True Holiness Christians, Inc." of Berry, Alabama. The debate with E. J. Reynolds was broadcast live over the local FM station.

  A milestone was reached on May 5, 1991 when G. C. Pack, Lionel Gary and Carrol Ray Sutton were appointed as bishops (elders, shepherds) to oversee "the flock of God among" them.

  God has been gracious to us and has blessed us with many wonderful blessings. For any good that has been accomplished and any increase that has come, we give God thanks, the praise, glory and honor!

Carrol R. Sutton 6/1/91