Rightly divide the word

  What does it mean to rightly divide God’s word as found in 2nd Timothy 2:15? There are many people who believe that the Old Testament scriptures are applicable today for law/salvation! What do the scriptures teach? We understand from a study of the bible that the old law, the law given to the Israelite nation through Moses, was to last until Christ came. Read Matthew 5:17.18. We understand that Christ, upon his death, fulfilled that law, nailed it to the cross. Read Colossians 2:14. Thus ending that law-making way for the law of Christ. Read Hebrews 10:9. We are now under law to Christ. Please read Hebrews 9:13-17.

  All but one of the Ten commandments in the old law were restated in the law of Christ which is found in the new testament. The one that commands to “remember the sabbath day to keep it holy” is not restated therefore this one does not apply today. There is not a scripture in the new testament, after Christ established His church in Acts chapter 2 that demands us to remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. So how do we use the old testament scriptures today? Romans 15:4 teaches us: These scriptures were written for our learning. There are numerous things we learn. Prophesies of the coming of Christ, how God spoke to others in olden times, how God has always expected obedience from his children, blessed those who obeyed and punished those who were disobedient.

We learn of God’s love, mercy and long suffering and many things too numerous to mention in this short article. We need to understand that we must not go back to the Old Law today to follow it’s teaching for our law/salvation today. We are to rightly divide God’s word! Please read all references and be aware many others can be given.

Please, read and study the bible for yourself!

-Byron Pledger