What The Bible Says

What The Bible Says

“What The Bible Says - Vol. 6 / No. 11”

What The Bible Says

Vol. VI - No. 11 / September 24, 2023


    Economically, our nation is struggling with high inflation resulting with such higher prices for many goods and services making it difficult for many families to make ends meet. Internationally, the war in Ukraine is taking the lives of many including the innocent, unable to fully comprehend. Hopefully these will improve with time and we pray soon.

    However, I believe that the greatest problem that faces this nation is it’s moral decay. For those that may not know the entire month of June has been nationally recognized as the “LGBT Pride Month”. This is a national effort to promote these perverse and ungodly acts to try to persuade people to not only accept, defend and even practice such. There is and has been an effort to influence very young children in our school systems that such behavior is normal and to acclimate their impressionable minds to accept such perverseness.

    Those that practice and/or support the LGBT movement say that they are inclusive and include people of color or of other nationalities to promote acceptability. However, there is no sin to be found in the color of a person or the nation of which they were born. In Acts 17:26 Paul states that God has created all men from every nation of one blood.

    Now let us consider some specific teachings found in the Bible concerning these sinful practices. In Genesis 2:18-24 After God created man God said that it is not good that man should be alone and created woman as a help comparable to him and they became one flesh. Please note that God did not create a man for man.

    In Matthew 19:4-5 Christ said that in the beginning God made them male and female and that a man would be joined to his wife and they would become one flesh. Reaffirming what God did in the beginning. (“joined” indicating marriage) (becoming one flesh referencing the sexual act.) Man and Woman!

    Concerning homosexuality we can read in Romans 1:26-27 that God gave them up to vile passions. For woman exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature and men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful. Verse 32 states that those who practice such things are deserving of death. Note: (vile passions) (against nature) (shameful) (deserving of death).

    In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 We can read that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    There are many other passages that clearly teach the homosexuality and related sins are condemned in the Bible but there is not one that would justify such. How could anyone find pride in such. I know that there are many other sins that are condemned in the Bible including other sins of the flesh but one does not justify another.

    In conclusion, I encourage all who commit such sins, as well as those who support such, to repent considering the consequences of which you will be held accountable. How can anyone take pride in “LGBT”? —Gerald White



    Emotions are a part of our makeup as a human being. Emotions truly have their place in our everyday lives. It is only natural that our emotions are involved when it comes to religious matters. Emotions also serve as a motivating force. Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." (John 14:15). The faith we have should be a ‘'faith which worketh by love." (Galatians 5:6). From these two verses we see FAITH operates by LOVE and love should motivate us to be OBEDIENT to God's will. From Romans 8:24-25 and 15:4 we learn that through the Scriptures we have HOPE and hope causes us to WAIT. In 2 Corinthians 7: 8-10, we see that through the letter (inspired epistle) Paul wrote, the Corinthian Christians were made to have GODLY SORROW and their sorrow lead to REPENTANCE. In these examples, we see how emotions play a part in our lives as Christians.   

    However, we must not become devoted to emotions. Stephen, in Acts 6 was attempting to objectively reason with the people (verse 10) but because of some who told lies against Stephen, the people were "stirred up" (verse 12) and Stephen was later put to death. Their emotions overcame them to the point they were willing to believe lies rather than the truth. Paul, in Acts 19, came close to the same fate of Stephen when Demetrius spoke words against Paul which caused the people to be ''full of wrath" (verse 28). These are two examples of people given to emotionalism or devotion to emotions. It is when emotions are used as an end in itself that we are given to emotionalism.

    Today, many people 'go to church' just to get the feeling or experience the emotion. Churches and preachers cater to this devotion by setting the "mood". Many churches use elaborate musical scores. Some churches turn the lights down low. The preacher goes into his discourse of sad stories about mother and father. All of this is to create a mood which will invoke emotions of either joy or sorrow.

    Rather than being devoted to emotions we need to be devoted to the word of God. Through studying, hearing, and meditating on God's word our emotions of love, hate, joy, and sorrow need to be invoked to be obedient to do the things God would have us to do and to refrain from the things He would have us not to do.

    To what are we devoted: a certain feeling or to God's word? Why is religion important to us: because of the certain feeling we have grown accustomed to having or is it the comfort we get from studying and being obedient to God's words (1 Thessalonians 4:18)?  —E.R. Hall, Jr.


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--- E.R. Hall, Jr. 

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