Building Our Spiritual House

Our spiritual house is our relationship with God, faith and spiritual welfare. In building our spiritual house, we must have a plan. We should begin with a vision of what an "ideal" Christian would be: filled with knowledge, walking worthy, strong, thankful. We must know how to build in order to do so properly: build with the word of God, regular systematic study, grasp basics before going deeper, know how to prevent and handle problems. We must also have a good foundation for our spiritual house; a foundation that rests on a correct understanding of first principles. We must use good materials; not building with uncertain things but with the word of God and genuine faith without hypocrisy. We must have the right tools and know how to use them in order to build properly: the Word of God, prayer, our High Priest and our brethren. We need to be prepared for the cost: losing relationships, prestige, money, pleasure, our life. We must be prepared to take the time required to build a strong house. Building a proper spiritual house is a job which is never finished.

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