People At The Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Christ

    - He knew what to expect that night.
    - Put Himself into the hands of God.
    - Exercised self-control and restraint.
    - Thought of others. 
    - Died with confidence. 

The Apostles:
    - Overcame by fear.
    - They had been overconfident.

    - Why did he do it? How could it be? Consider John 12:4-6.
    - Such a cold betrayal.
    - Regretted what he had done.

    - Confident despite the Lord's warning.
    - Failed to pray as he should have.
    - Brave, brash for a time. 
    - Turned cowardly and ashamed.
    - Not the end of the line for Peter. 

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