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Our Sunday evening services will now be at 5:00 pm.

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A Fire That Consumes

A Review of Edward Fudge's Book "The Fire That Consumes" By Carrol R. Sutton

This review was presented at the Eastside Church of Christ in Athens, Alabama in December of 1982. It answers many of the false doctrines promoted by Edward William Fudge in his book "The Fire That Consumes" which deals with the question of eternal torment for sinners. It was presented in two parts. To listen to a session you may click one of the links below. To download the MP3, right click on the title, then choose "Save Target As". You may then select the folder where you would like to save the audio file.

A Review of Edward Fudge's Book "The Fire That Consumes" Part 1

A Review of Edward Fudge's Book "The Fire That Consumes" Part 2

A Video Series on Debating

This series was recorded at the Griffith Church of Christ in Griffith, IN. They were filmed at a special session that was held during the daytime while Brother Sutton was there for a Gospel Meeting.

The Need For Debating 11/12/96

Preparing For A Debate 11/13/96

Debating Experiences 11/14/96

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Listen to our daily radio program. Monday - Saturday at 11:15 am CST and on Sundays at 8:30 am CST.

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