The Inspiration of the Scriptures

Is the Bible of human or divine origin? The Scriptures claim to be inspired. Literally speaking, inspiration is defined as "the breath of God". 
There many false theories about the inspiration of the Bible: 
    - Natural: It's just the natural thought process. 
    - Partial: Only part of the Bible is inspired. 
    - Mechanical: Man wrote exactly what God "dictated" to them. 
    - Perception: God supplied the thought and man expressed the thought in his own words. 
Irrefutable Facts about inspiration
    - Verbal: The very words themselves were revealed. 
    - Plenary: It is full and complete. 
    - It is unbreakable.
    - The smallest letter and mark are irrevocable.
    - It is the final authority. 
    - The grammatical number is inspired. 
    - Spelling is inspired. 
    - Tense is inspired. 

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